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  • July31st

    It’s Taste Test Tuesday today!  Last week we did a secret sampling of a new cake called Tropical Carolina.  It was such a hit that we decided to have everyone sample it today!  So today we officially introduce to you the Tropical Carolina Cake;  two Orange Cake layers surrounded with our own whipped Cream Cheese Frosting and hidden inside is a tropical mixture of Toasted Coconut, Pineapple, and Maraschino Cherries.  This cake definitely takes me ocean side.  Come in for lunch today and let us know what you think.

  • July30th

    Another week is here and we hope you are all doing well. We have a great week ahead, some new cakes for you to try, and hopefully more good news to share with you. Let’s start with the lunch specials first. It’s going to be a hot week, so we have two sandwiches to keep you full and cooled down.  Our first lunch special this week is a Honeydew Chicken Wrap; sliced Grilled Chicken placed in a flour tortilla with fresh Spring Salad Blend and homemade Honeydew and Cantaloupe Salsa.

    Our second lunch special is an Antipesto Sammy; Ham and Pastrami topped with melted Provolone cheese and a Marinated Vegetable Medley of Artichokes, Banana Peppers, Mushrooms, and Roasted Red Peppers, and placed on a Toasted Onion Roll with Basil Mayo.

    We hope that each of you has a great week, and we hope to see you.

  • July26th

    We Won!

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    I came in to work this morning, picked up the Upstate Be, and read that we were voted Best Bakery in Anderson! We just want to thank everyone who voted for us, and we want to thank everyone who supports us and allows us to bake their cakes and cookies. Last, but definitely not least, thanks to Jake Grove for the great write up about us and the other businesses in Anderson. We appreciate everything that you and your team of writers do. Thanks again, and have a great day!

  • July24th

    It’s Taste Test Tuesday, and I am very excited to share a new cake with you. Today’s cake is what we are calling the Funky Monkey! Chocolate Banana Layer Cake with Peanut Butter Mousse between each layer, and then surrounded with a Salted Caramel Frosting. This cake is everything that is decadent and good, so stop in today to have a sample and let us know what you think. See you for lunch!

  • July23rd

    Good Monday morning! I hope you’re ready for lunch because we have two really great lunch specials for this week. Our first special is a Light N’ Blue Turkey Wrap; Our Bourbon Peppercorn Turkey tucked inside a flour tortilla with fresh Spinach, Havarti Cheese, and a delish Blueberry Melon Yogurt Dressing.

    Our second special is a Miami Breeze Sub; Applewood Bacon topped with Roasted Red Peppers, Pepper Jack Cheese, and a homemade Black Bean Salad then placed on a toasted French Roll with a Caribbean Aioli to bring everything together.

    Don’t forget tomorrow is Taste Test Tuesday and we have a great new cake that should blow your mind as well as your sweet tooth! We’re working on a few more projects this week, so check in from time to time with us. As always, have a great week and we hope to see you.

  • July18th

    It’s almost time for football season, and that means tailgating time is near. We got together with a couple of friends of ours at Creekside BBQ and The Growler Haus and have started putting together some of the most kick butt tailgating and party packages you could ever imagine. We’re talking Smoky BBQ Wings, Brisket, Cakes, Cookies, and the best Craft Beer personally pared to go along with your food. Check back for pics and details coming very, very soon!

  • July17th

    It’s Taste Test Tuesday and I told you I would have a fun summertime cake for you to sample.  So, today’s cake is a Root Beer Float Cake;  Chocolate Root Beer cake layers surrounded with our Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting.  Get in here today, take a break from this sticky heat, and sample another great Sweetery creation.  And if you miss out today, we will have it available as a whole cake or by the slice all week long.  Have a great day, and we’ll see you for lunch!

  • July16th

    Good Monday morning to ya! We have two really great lunch specials for you this week, so let’s get to it. Our first lunch special is a Cuban Melt; Marinated shredded Pork topped with Black Forest Ham, Jalapeno Peppers, melted Swiss Cheese, and Pickles then placed on a Toasted Onion Roll with our own Honey Mustard Dressing.

    Our second special is a Cobb Salad Wrap; fresh Lettuce, Tomatoes, Avocado, Corn, our Bourbon Peppercorn Turkey, Bacon, and Blue Cheese tucked nicely inside a Flour Tortilla and served with your choice of dressing.

    We have some really exciting news to share with you today, so check in this afternoon to see what it is. Also, I have a delicious new cake for you to sample tomorrow for Taste Test Tuesday. As always have a great week and we hope to see you.

  • July10th

    It’s Taste Test Tuesday, and I hope you’re in the mood to sample another Sweetery creation. Today we will be serving our Luscious Lemon Cake; Two Yellow Cake Layers cut in half and filled with a delicious Lemon Curd and surrounded with our Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting. We didn’t have time to put up a Lemonade stand, so we thought we could cool you off with this Summertime treat. Come in and let us know what you think. See you for lunch!

  • July9th

    Good Monday Morning! I quickly want to tell you about the two really awesome lunch specials that we are offering this week. Our first special is a Grilled Chicken Banh Mi; Marinated Grilled Chicken placed on a toasted Baguette and topped with fresh Carrot Slaw, sliced Cucumbers, Jalapeno Peppers, Sweet Onions, and Cilantro, then finished with a Sriacha Mayo. You wont believe how good this sandwich is until you try it!

    This picture is courtesy of Food And Wine. You can find the recipe at

    Our second special is Fresh Gazpacho and Pimiento Cheese; a bowl of refreshing Gazpacho Soup served with a half Pimiento Cheese Sandwich on your choice of bread. Also, if you’ve never tried Gazpacho Soup, you will be amazed at how refreshing and fulfilling a well made cold soup can be.

    Photo courtesy of

    Stop in and cool down this week with one of these delicious specials or come in tomorrow to sample a new Taste Test Tuesday creation. Have a great week, and we hope to see you.