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  • May28th


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    Good Tuesday morning! We hope you had a really great Memorial Day Weekend. We have a lot to get to, so let’s start with our two lunch specials. Our first special is a Strips and Straws Stuffer Sandwich; Grilled Chicken Breast placed between two slices of Toasted Sourdough Bread with Honey Mustard, Bacon, melted Provolone Cheese, fresh Lettuce and Tomatoes, crunchy Funions, and finished with a delicious Peppercorn Ranch Dressing.

    Our second special is dedicated to all of the teachers who are a major part of all our lives. Included in our Thank You Teachers Lunch Plate is a scoop of our delicious Chicken Salad atop a fresh Cantaloupe wedge along with fresh Grapes, Celery Sticks, Carrot Sticks and two Homemade Deviled Eggs.

    And we haven’t forgotten that it’s Taste Test Tuesday today! So, today we will be sampling our moist and delicious Butter Pecan Pound Cake with Caramel drizzle and a dollop of whipped topping. Nothing more needs to be said about that goodness!

  • May21st

    Good morning and happy Taste Test Tuesday. I am really excited about today’s testing because I wanted a cake to represent good Southern livin’! And I think we nailed it. So, for today’s Taste Test Tuesday, we will be sampling our Sweet Tea Layer Cake; moist cake layers made with real tea and surrounded with a delicious Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting. Stop in today, have a seat on our front porch, and enjoy a slice of our newest creation while the sun splashes on your face. See you for lunch!

  • May20th

    Good morning to everyone! Once again, it’s a new week and along with that we have two new lunch specials. Our first special is an Herbed Chicken Sandwich; Grilled Chicken Breast on toasted Whole Wheat Bread with fresh Spring Greens, English Cucumbers, Tomatoes, and finished with a homemade Lemon-Dill Mayo.

    Our second special is a BBQ Ham Sandwich; our Applewood Smoked Ham, coated in a delicious Sweet and Tangy Barbecue Sauce and topped with our own Two Bean Salad. All of this summer goodness is placed on a toasted Pretzel Bun. This sandwich should prep you for this coming holiday weekend!

  • May14th

    Good morning and Happy Taste Test Tuesday! I just want to take a moment to thank everyone for making Taste Test Tuesday such a fun and successful day for us each and every week. It’s been such a hit that I think it’s starting to spread across the state! So, with that said, I’d like to tell you about today’s cake, our famous Banana Split Cake; two Chocolate Chip Banana Nut Layers and one of our delicious Strawberry Cake Layers stacked together with fresh Strawberries between two of the layers and Pineapple between the other two layers, then surrounded with our Cream Cheese Frosting. Finally, we top this cake with our homemade Cooked Fudge Frosting. Stop in today and let us know what you think. See you soon!

  • May13th

    Good morning to everyone. We hope you had a good weekend. Now it’s back to work and school, and even though that might not be the best of news, our two lunch specials will surely put a smile on your face. Our first special is a Chicken Cordon Blue Sandwich; marinated and grilled Chicken placed on a toasted Onion Roll and accompanied with our Applewood Smoked Ham, melted Swiss Cheese, fresh Lettuce, Tomatoes, Mayo, and Dijon Mustard.

    Our second special is a Meatball Hero; delicious all Beef Meatballs simmered in Marinara Sauce and placed on a toasted Hoagie Roll with Basil Mayo and melted Provolone Cheese.

  • May10th

    Mother’s Day is this Sunday!  Put a smile on her face and show her how much you love her with a cake from The Sweetery.

  • May7th

    Good morning and Happy Taste Test Tuesday. In honor of Cinco de Mayo (yes, we know it has passed) we are sampling a Magic Chocolate Flan Cake; Densely rich Chocolate Cake on the bottom with a light Flan on the top. As someone described it already “It’s like taking a bite of some really good chocolate milk!” Stop in and let us know what you think. Also, if you miss out on today’s tasting, you can stop by A Taste of Anderson sponsored by the YMCA and try a sample along with some other great food that will be there.

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  • May6th

    Good morning to everyone! We have two delicious lunch specials that I know you’ll enjoy. Our first special is a Mother’s Day Pasta Salad Plate; Homemade Pasta Salad served with our Chicken Salad and delicious Deviled Eggs.  Our second special is a Grilled Cheese, Sweetery Style; Our own Pimiento Cheese placed on Sourdough Bread with Applewood Smoked Ham and Pickled Asparagus then grilled to melty perfection!