Our cakes can be found at Country Meat Market Center in Woodruff!

Lunch Menu


Deli Sandwich
Your choice of filling, bread and cheese. All The Way (ATW) means with mayo, honey mustard, tomato and lettuce.

Fillings Breads Condiments
Egg Salad Whole Wheat Mayo
Chicken Salad White Lite Mayo Mustard
Corn Beef (add $1.00) Rye Honey Mustard
Ham Pumpernickel Dijon Mustard
Pastrami (add $1.00) Sourdough Horseradish Sauce
Pimento Cheese Onion Roll*(add .60) 1000 Island
Roast Beef Croissant*(add .60)  
Smoked Turkey French*(add .60)  
Tuna Salad(add$1.00) Whole Wheat Hoagie*(add .60)  
Extra Bacon**    
Extra Meat**    

Cheeses: Provolone, Swiss, and American
** Add $1.25 



All sandwich orders include a pickle, chips & cake slice.

A combination of roast beef, ham, pastrami and turkey with Swiss and provolone cheese. ATW, on a hoagie roll. This is a big’un! It has everything. A sandwich you could share.

Ham or turkey, provolone, bacon, ATW, your choice of bread (toasted optional).

French Dip
Our delicious Roast Beef and Provolone Cheese heated and served on a French Roll with mayonnaise and a side of our Southern Au Jus.

Grilled Chicken
With bacon, provolone, ATW on an onion roll.

Tuna Melt
Homemade Tuna Salad and Swiss cheese on white bread with mustard and a slice of tomato – Hot Grilled!

Philly Steak
Roast beef, provolone, grilled onions and peppers, mayo and horseradish served on French bread.

Corn beef, sauerkraut, swiss, thousand island and honey mustard, on rye. Hot!!

On The Lighter Side

All salads include pickle & crackers.

Baker Plate
2 good! Choose two slices of roast beef, turkey or ham and two slices of provolone or swiss cheese. Add a scoop of chicken salad on crisp lettuce and a slice of tomato plus some crackers and you’ve got a meal that’s 2 good!

Bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo. Served on your choice of bread.

Light n’ Easy
Fat free turkey on whole wheat with lite mayo, tomato and lettuce. Served with pretzels.

Half Sandwich & Soup or Salad
Any $6.45 sandwich and bowl of soup or salad

Side Pasta Salad or Side Garden Salad

Homemade Pasta Salad

Grilled Chicken Pasta Salad

Chef Salad
Includes cheese, ham, turkey, and roast beef

Trio Salad
Chicken Salad, Pimento Cheese and Egg Salad on a bed of lettuce

Extra dressing

Quiche and Side Salad
Homemade quiche served with a side salad.

Quiche and Soup
Homemade quiche served with our homemade soup. Call for flavors.


For pictures, visit our Daily News“   Specials include: chips, pickle, sandwich, tea, and cake slice                           

Southern Seoul Corned Beef, Kimchi and Swiss cheese, Gochujang 1000 Island dressing (adds a slight kick) on toasted Rye


Honey Turkey BLT Honey roasted turkey, bacon, arugula tomatoes, red onions, avocado salsa on a toasted French Baguette



Fresh Brewed Shangri-La Tea


Soft Drinks
12 oz: $1.50
20 oz: $1.85

Hot Tea


Bottled Water